What is Zapier for iMIS?

Zapier for iMIS connects your iMIS data and workflows to the applications you use every day. It offers seamless, two-way integrations to any number of the apps on the Zapier platform, giving you a single platform to automate data and manage complex workflows easily.

iMIS EMS is the heartbeat of many of the most prominent associations and non-profits, but connecting iMIS to other applications has traditionally been a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring users to transfer information manually, purchase multiple bridges, or build custom integrations. iAppConnector solves those problems and powers your organization forward in iMIS Cloud by replacing SQL triggers and stored procedures with branching logic through no-code, automated data rules that you can manage yourself--all without programming!

Triggers & Actions

Zapier for iMIS, powered by iAppConnector, is a single solution that allows simple, two-way integrations between iMIS and over 4,000 apps on the Zapier platform, but also allows users to create data management tasks and workflows that perform automatic maintenance and updates to iMIS data based on your business rules. It is definitely a “must-have” enhancement for your iMIS Cloud environment!

Popular Integrations
  • Would you like to automatically create Zoom or GoToWebinar meetings when you create an event in iMIS?
  • Do you want to capture demographic data in SurveyMonkey and have it automatically written to iMIS each time a survey is submitted?
  • Do you have updated contact data in an Excel or Google spreadsheet that you want to capture and update records in iMIS with?

All of these and many more are possible with Zapier for iMIS!


We here on the Zapier for iMIS team have worked with clients of all types to help them develop solutions for automating their processes using this powerful tool. From automatically creating Zoom meetings from iMIS events to automatically collecting SurveySparrow survey results into a Google Spreadsheet, we find new ways for clients to improve their workflows every day.

This section presents a wealth of solutions that are currently being used by our clients. Read through these to spark ideas of how you could use Zapier for iMIS to automate your organization's processes.

Zoom IntegrationGoogle Sheets SolutionGoToWebinar Integration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q4 2015, 2017, EMS Professional, and Enterprise.
Pricing details for Zapier for iMIS can be found on our pricing page.
Email our support team at support@arment.com.
The generic user needs to be a full staff user with at least Level 4 staff access in both Membership and Events.
According to Zapier.com, "a Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs."
According to Zapier.com, a Task is an action your Zap successfully completes. For example, if your Zap has an action to create new Google Contacts, each contact that is created will count as one Task."
To learn more about the Zapier platform, visit zapier.com/university. To learn more about the Zapier for iMIS integration tool, click here.